Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Not really. Only cappuccino. But Zoolander fans may appreciate the reference.

Anyway, it was my dad's birthday on Monday, and he's a big coffee drinker so I immediately seized upon the opportunity to bake cappuccino cupcakes. These are the only cupcakes I have ever made and not tested for myself! Can you believe that? I'm just not a coffee fan. They got praise from my father though, so they must have been good! Very strong, however. I took a tiny dab of frosting and was left with a mouthful of coffee flavor.

Bake & Destroy supplied the recipe. I cut out the chocolate chips. Here are the cupcakes, fresh out of the oven:

They were short things, as you can see. Apparently, they don't rise as well if you bake them directly in the pan, sans liners? Right, I don't know. They were cute.

And even more so when frosted! Though that one was better sized, as it had a liner, dur. But still, awww. Oh, and can I just say? The frosting was so much fun to spread. Despite barely having tasted it, I would very quickly liken it to Häagen-Dazs Coffee ice cream. Loved it.

The leftover frosting. It broke my heart to see it go to waste, but it had served its purpose, and was thus unceremoniously chucked.

And that's that.

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